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2023 DC JazzFest Impact Survey

DC Jazz Festival is committed to providing the best experience possible. Please complete this survey and leave at the venue.  Thank you! 

What is your highest level of education?
What is your annual household income?
Is this your first 2023 DC JazzFest event?
How many 2023 DC JazzFest Events do you plan to attend in total?
How much did your party spend on food, drink and merchandise (not counting tickets?)
How did you hear about DC JazzFest? (Check all that apply)
What factor MOST influenced your decision to attend 2023 DC JazzFest? (Select ONE only)
How did you get to The Wharf?
Did you dine or purchase anything at any of The Wharf’s restaurants or retailers?

If you traveled 50+ miles to attend the DC JazzFest or are staying overnight in local accommodations outside of your home in the DC area, we ask that you take a few more moments to complete the following portion of the survey.

Is DC JazzFest the primary reason you traveled to the area?
If no, what was your primary reason for traveling to the Washington, DC area
How did you travel to DC?
Where did you stay while you were in town?
Have you gone/do you plan to go shopping while you are visiting?

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Thank you!

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