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Kim Tignor

Founder and Executive Director of TCC

Kim Tignor is the Founder and Executive Director of TCC and its sister organization, the Institute of Intellectual Property and Social Justice. Her expertise includes intellectual property, free expression, tech innovation, diversity in media, and economic justice. Throughout her career, Kimberly has focused on legal issues surrounding underprivileged persons and advancing the causes of equality and social justice. She is particularly well-versed in working across multicultural issues and topics of key interest to activists and artists of color. Her impressive legal experience spans from directing policy at the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law to coordinating state and national level pipeline and advocacy efforts for Presidential judicial nominees at the VENG Group. She received her JD from Georgetown University, and an undergraduate degree in Economics and Information Technology from the College of William and Mary.

In 2018, Kim Tignor founded TCC. In 2016, she attended a convening where leaders in policy, technology, law, pop-culture, and the arts united to discuss one question: now what? As a civil rights attorney and policy wonk, it reminded her of the bridge between and consolidation of the advocacy & creative worlds built during the Civil Rights Movement. They discussed how marginalized communities, through the theft of their intellectual property, have been prevented from protecting their narratives and building wealth. Countless creators shared stories about the violation endured from the misappropriation of their works without recourse. Their experiences demonstrated that IP is the defining economic and social justice issue of this generation. Her call to action was clear – empower the great storytellers of our time and endeavor to ensure that the creative contributions of all communities are protected.


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